Laryngoscope video endoscope / rigid NeoScope™ ProSurg

Laryngoscope video endoscope / rigid NeoScope™ ProSurg

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The NeoScope Digital VideoScope System consists of Single Use Digital Video Endoscocpe ( Rigid or Flexible ), Video Interface Module and USB 2.0 connecting cable. The Digital endoscope with Built-in Light Source and USB interface can be connected to laptop or tablet computer using Video interface module and USB connecting cable. The NeoScope Digital VideoScope System is designed by incorporating the CMOS Imaging sensor and microprocessor at the tip of the endoscope to acquire and process the video images of the target site .The bright, Micro LEDs with advance design are assembled surrounding the CMOS imaging sensor to illuminate the target site, thus eliminating need for large, bulky Halogen Light source. Additionally, the use of Mac / PC laptop computer to power the Digital VideoScope, makes the NeoScope System truly portable and Easy to use. The endoscopic video images can be recorded in Real-Time, which can be edited, stored, transmitted, converted or formatted in Quick Time, Windows Media player, iTunes and You tube video files.
  • Type of endoscope:laryngoscope
  • Shaft:rigid
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