Loop electrode / resection / monopolar SALINETRODE™ ProSurg

Loop electrode / resection / monopolar SALINETRODE™ ProSurg

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Salinetrode ™– Family of Saline Friendly RF electrodes, compatible with all commercially available Resectoscope models & RF Generators. The family of proprietary RF electrodes, for use in normal saline (isotonic) medium consists of Cutting Loops, Bladder Loops, Dome Electrodes, TUIP Knife & Incision Blades that are compatible with all major brand of resectoscopes, including Storz, Wolf, Olympus , Circon /ACMI & RF generators. The Salinetrode - Saline friendly RF electrodes are safe, cost effective and do not require purchase of new Resectoscope or RF Generator. The Salinetrode RF electrodes are designed for prostate ablation / TURP procedure, using normal saline solution, for treatment of enlarged prostate, BPH, Bladder tumors ,Uterine fibroids and endometrial ablation. The Salinetrode RF electrodes can easily be connected with all RF generators, using proprietary connecting cables and does not require use of conventional patient plate or grounding pads.
  • Application:monopolar, resection
  • Type:loop
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