With firm trust and technology, PACSPLUS is a professional company providing PACS and Teleradiology solutions. Founded by radiologist and Bioengineer, PACSPLUS has been focused on radiology solution for 25 years. With her research and medical experiences, PACSPLUS now offers unbeatable solutions in Radiology, Clinic, Mammography, Ophthalmology and many other medical fields.

PACSPLUS is compliance with International standards such as DICOM, HL7, IHE and received FDA, ISO and CE certifications. She also holds many patents including image quality improvement, diagnostic, and mammography quality control.

PACSPLUS is trusted by many doctors worldwide including USA, Korea, Japan, China, Middle East, and many others including Europe. As a company who make business on trust, we never stop working for you.

1073 N. Batavia Street,
Orange, CA
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