Archiving transmission system PACSPLUS Focus PACSPLUS

Archiving transmission system PACSPLUS Focus PACSPLUS

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Overview PPFocus was developed for ophthalmology hospitals and clinics that are looking to cut costs and want to use digital health care systems. PPFocus is the only one ophthalmology PACS solution in the world that surpasses any digital imaging system in features and performance, at a far more attractive price. Features Color, redfree, FA and ICGA display modes. C/D ratio Ratio of disc and cup of optic nerve’s ending (Normal value of intraocular pressure is 10~20 mmHg.) Stereo View Display three dimensional image using 3D spectacles. Panorama View Display of panorama view by overlaying multiple images - Simple display of images. RGB Split and Stereo View Display split images into the color constituents of RGB - Can observe the state of the cuticle in retina pigment, nerve fibrous layer and choroids coat.
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