DICOM converter software / medical PPdicom 200 PACSPLUS

DICOM converter software / medical PPdicom 200 PACSPLUS
PPdicom 200

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Overview PPDicom 200 (PACSPLUS Dicom 200) is DICOM converting software for the gateway that enables non-DICOM images such as JPEG, BMP, etc. to be acquired, saved, searched and transmitted in the DICOM format. The PPDicom 300C is completely DICOM 3.0 compatible. It features diverse image configuration and a user-friendly local database management for any kind of medical departments. Features Easy to use. Easy to modify Patient information. Install on current PC: minimizing cost while maximizing benefits. Can view all images in shared folder, have ability to choose. (layout and thumbnail view) Modality Work list function allows you to check on waiting patients. User friendly interface that can be mastered in single use. Better efficiency due to no need of Image Capture board or Foot switch. Due to centralized data management, treatment is faster and more accurate. DICOM Routing feature can send DICOM images to multiple DICOM Viewers, Servers, or to DICOM prints.
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