DICOM converter software / medical PPdicom 300 PACSPLUS

DICOM converter software / medical PPdicom 300 PACSPLUS
PPdicom 300

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Overview PPDicom 300 is DICOM converting software that enables non-DICOM images such as JPEG, BMP, etc. to be acquired, saved, searched and transmitted in the DICOM format. This gateway communicates to the digital camera directly to acquire the image faster and more accurately. Features Easy to use Easy to fix and update patient information. Transferred into DICOM format and it send it automatically. Embedded search function. Color print function. No need for capturing board (typically needed on video gateway products) Easy input and modification of patient information. DICOM MWM support 1D/2D barcode and card reader support. DICOM router function - send image to multiple server & viewers Customizable display for easier operation. Shuttering function to fit different film size.
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