DICOM converter software / medical PPdicom 100/100C PACSPLUS

DICOM converter software / medical PPdicom 100/100C PACSPLUS
PPdicom 100/100C

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PPDicom 100 (PACSPLUS Dicom 100) is image (motion or still) grabbing and DICOM converting software for the gateway that enables analogue images such as ES, US, CT and MR to be acquired, saved, searched and transmitted in the DICOM format. The PPDicom 100 is DICOM 3.0 compatible, and it is also capable in displaying non-DICOM files such as JPEG, BMP, etc. It features diverse image configuration and a user-friendly local database management. Features Save endoscopy & ultrasound images in DICOM format. Connect to PPW to create a small PACS network. Supports non-DICOM images (JPEG, BMP, Tiff) Local database support. Supports DICOM Storage and DICOM Modality Worklist. supported (AVI support). Capture still image during the motion image (video) mode.
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