MS Westfalia GmbH: your German manufacturer The company MS Westfalia GmbH was founded in 1995 in Troisdorf, Germany. Since then our company has gained a reputation of a trusted partner in many European and Asian markets and created a network of regional branches for our end customers’ convenience. True German quality of our products is combined with flexible policy of the company and willingness to open new markets; our product range is constantly updated with new models according to most progressive market tendencies. We care about efficiency on all stages from initial production to customer support.

Optimization allows us to keep prices as reasonable as one can expect from a true German quality product. MS Westfalia GmbH is an ISO-certified company (ISO-9001, ISO-13485). Our main objective is to develop innovative products according to ISO standards and to manufacture them via outsourcing. The products Our ISO-certified R&D department is constantly seeking for the ways to improve our products. Currently, we are the only German company to manufacture X-ray machines, both mobile and stationary. We also manufacture and install high-quality cleanrooms and ENT units, equipment for ophthalmology, anaesthesiology, surgery, cosmetology and physical therapy. You can expect MS Westfalia GmbH to constantly expand the equipment range in other fields and to add new features to existing products.

The partnership We aim to directly reach our clients and value their comfort: we are ready to offer full product consulting, installation and technical training wherever our client is. Our product specialists and engineers will guide and aid you through all the stages of equipment purchase, installation and operation. We have proven experience of cooperation with leading medical equipment manufacturing companies.

Our past partners in major and comprehensive projects include, but are not limited to such companies as Karl Storz, Topcon, Nihon Kohden, General Electric, Fujinon. We are a rapidly developing company that explores opportunities to expand to new markets. If you would like to become our regional dealer, we will be pleased to discuss such an opportunity.