Automatic external defibrillator Defi-AED 200 MS Westfalia

Automatic external defibrillator Defi-AED 200 MS Westfalia
Defi-AED 200

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Powerful and mobile device Semi-automatic defibrillator with AED function (Automatic External Defibrillation). The maximum discharge power - 200 Joules. Biphasic technology. The ability to use disposable defibrillation electrodes. Easy to operate The process of connecting the electrodes to the patient, the accumulation of charge and, in fact, the discharge is accompanied by visuals (the display) and voice prompts in Russian. This minimizes the risk of incorrect positioning of the electrodes on the patients chest and disorders in defibrillation algorithm process. Accurate assessment of the effectiveness of discharge Electrodes for defibrillation imposed on the patient simultaneously serve as electrodes for ECG (usually via a standard lead II). ECG waveform is displayed on the units built-in LCD display, helping to accurately assess the effectiveness of patient discharge by the presence or absence of normal sinus rhythm.
  • Operation:automatic
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