Mechanical ventilator Bellavista MS Westfalia

Mechanical ventilator Bellavista MS Westfalia

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Mechanical ventilator for newborns, children and adults Bellavista can be used for neonates with a tidal volume Vt ? 10 ml and a body weight ? 1 kg, children and adults with a tidal volume of Vt < 2500 ml and a body weight of < 250 kg. Mechanical ventilator with turbine drive Bellavista is a turbine drive ventilator; it can be used during invasive or noninvasive mechanical ventilation with dual limb or single limb breathing circuit. Integral battery allows up to 4 hours of work in autonomous mode. Exclusive modes of ventilation beModes DualVent, Day/Night, MaskFit, WeanVent, Target Vent ventilator modes provide maximum comfort for the patient and staff during intensive care process and in the process of weaning the patient from ventilation. Extended diagnostic tools Up to 35 parameters, 5 curves, 3 loops, pressure, flow volume, oxygen partial pressure PaO2, carbon dioxide partial pressure PaCO2 (capnograph measures carbon dioxide concentration in inspiratory and expiratory air, detects signs of pulmonary embolism), SpO2, plethysmogram, display of lung physical properties. Accurate patient monitoring provides complete information about lungs state, displays changes in the course of treatment and allow to adjust ventilator settings individually.
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