Resuscitation ventilator MythoVent MS Westfalia

Resuscitation ventilator MythoVent MS Westfalia

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Revolutionary respiration and vital signs monitoring The first ventilator in the world with built-in function of vital signs monitoring. It records ECG in 3-/5-lead, heart rate, 2xTemp, pulsoxymetrie, SpO2, NIBP, 2xIBP, respiratory rate displaying all parameters on the screen. Automatic Tube Compensation / Cuff Pressure Control Only MythoVent warn automatically of complications associated with injury of trachea mucous membrane after prolonged intubation. This device controls pressure of endotracheal tube cuff in relation to respiratory phase providing air tightness and reducing risk of trachea epithelium injury. Medication nebulizer In MythoVent the medicine is given to the patient only during the first 75% of the inspiratory phase. Experts confirm that this way of delivery is the most effective. Laser absorption spectroscopy O2 measurement ?he revolutionary solid-state sensor technology allows to measure the oxygen concentration parameter immediately (< 0,2 s), accurately (0,1% resolution) and with minimal cross-sensitivity to other types of gas molecules. MythoVent laser oxygen sensor does not need calibration of exchanging and can be used during the whole lifetime of the device itself.
  • Application:resuscitation
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