ITALRAY ITALRAY Srl is an italian company established in Florence (Italy) that since 1974 has been developing, manufacturing and commercializing worldwide instruments for Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. Italray main product is Clinodigit Omega, a remote controlled tilting-table that differentiates from traditional ones for following caractersitics: 1) use of dynamic flat panel detector instead of traditional image intensifiers; 2) Tilting Table Top (TTT ) Movement that removes patient tabletop from active area of image receptor;

3) Source-Image distance up to 200 cm. These make Clinodigit Omega a COMPLETE and UNIQUE system to perform digitally ALL EXAMINATIONS from General Radiography, to Fluoroscopy, Chest Imaging and Emergency Room. Our product line is completed with a versatile set of Digital Radiography Rooms (X-FRAME DR SYSTEM ) and with the newest digital x-ray mobile XFM , fully motorized. Our products respond to European Directives on Medical Devices (93/42 CEE) and are totally MADE IN ITALY. ITALRAY is certified according to international standards: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2012 fordesign, manufacturing, installation, and service of medical devices. Italray offers X-RAY Solutions to any customer: from Public Hospitals to Private Clinic Centers.