Image intensifier ITH CCD ITALRAY

Image intensifier ITH CCD ITALRAY

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The ITH CCD series, ITALRAY, allows for a wide range of image intensifiers from 7" to 16" and comes with a choice of CCD cameras. ITH CCD image intensifiers can be input "under-the-table" for remote controlled systems of "over-th-talbe" for tilting tables. ITH CCD systems a were created for both traditional radiologic and digital procedures. Every image intensifiers in the series can connected to any control desk or X-ray generator. In order to include the automatic exposure control, the most recent model of ITALRAY PIXEL HF high frequency X-ray generators need to be utilized. ITH CCD image intensifiers are inserted in housings as a group using the electronic HT power supply; this makes certain that integral protection will prevent X-ray dispersion and electromagnetic emissions. Between the I.I. tube and the CCD camera is the optical subsystem, which has been created for radiological applications.
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