Company Profile GymnaUniphy,your Physio Company Gymna supports physiotherapists around the world. With numerous years of experience in the area of physical therapy and rehabilitation , Gymna has built up a heritage of quality products. The Gymna portfolio consists of a variety of intelligent solutions, designed to enable and facilitate the therapist’s daily medical care treatment. Gymna stands for user-friendly , quality equipment a therapist can rely on, while he/ she can focus on treating patients. The Gymna products are developed by, and in collaboration with physiotherapists and knowledge institutes, so they can better facilitate the therapeutic process. This intelligence is reflected in the design of both our software and hardware. Gymna is the committed expert that makes professional treatments possible and supports the physiotherapists in their daily activities. We offer solutions in the field of Treatment Tables, Shockwave Therapy, Cryotherapy, Electrotherapy, Diathermy and Active Motion Discover our products and services on