Ergorest Oy The company was established by Seppo Hölttä on April 15th 1978 at Siilinjärvi, in the Northeastern part of Finland, close to the university city of Kuopio. The production began under the company name of Siilin Metalli, which in 1981 became Siilin Metalli Ky (limited partnership) and further in 1992 Ergorest Oy (limited company). As the owner, I have always been very interested in health issues and good and fit work condition and maintenance of the same. In the beginning the company started to manufacture equipment for physiotherapy. The main products are still being manufactured.

In the late 1980s, the company got in touch with a product idea connected to work station ergonomics. This idea turned out to be very interesting and special. No similar product adaption existed on the market at that time. The forearm support’s function is to support the hand and arm. A typical working situation is the keyboard work. Its further development is a model combined with a socalled mousepad which makes it an excellent product at any office work station.

The company developed the idea aiming at a high-quality and functional product. An industrial designer and other experts were called in and thus the product development work was very successfull. As a result, some twenty models were created for various uses at work stations. The company has also developed an ESD version. The company is environment-oriented in its production and cooperation with its network of subcontractors. The product components meet with the highest recycling standards and are properly marked including the packages.