EPTFE vascular prosthesis GORE® Gore

EPTFE vascular prosthesis GORE® Gore

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The Gore Hybrid Vascular Graft is an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (EPTFE) vascular prosthesis. The Gore Hybrid Vascular Graft is a streamlined solution for patients with a challenging dialysis access, aortic debranching or those needing arterial bypass procedures. Three trusted technologies combine together to make the the Gore Hybrid Vascular Graft uniquely superior. First, the graft has a durable nitinol reinforced section that is partially constrained for easy insertion and deployment into a vessel. Secondly, the graft features a thrombo resistant Carmeda BioActive Surface (CBAS Surface) with end-point covalently bonded heparin. Third, this graft features the superior handling that is characteristic of all Gore vascular grafts. The Hybrid Vasuclar Graft by Gor is kink resistant, flexible at the curves, and provides smooth passage through tissue tunnels. The grafts continuous luminar surface allows for precise arterial suturing and anastomotic tailoring.
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