Abdominal hernia prosthesis GORE® DUALMESH® Gore

Abdominal hernia prosthesis GORE® DUALMESH® Gore

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GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial: The Perfect Material for Tissue Reconstruction GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial is a soft ePTFF material that comfortably offers a two-surface tissue reconstruction for handling hernia. The material is needed due to the fact that it is sometimes necessary to encourage host tissue ingrowth along a surface while reducing the tissue attached to the other surface. The GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial is designed with the following features: It offers a two-surface design for tissue reconstruction--the textured CORDUROY surface encourages host tissue growth and the other smoother surface reduces tissue attachment GORE® DUALMESH® Biomaterial also works comfortable with other materials such as; GORE-TEX suture
  • Hernia type:abdominal
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