Corentec Co., Ltd was established by some famous professors and surgeons of university hospitals who took a hardstand of independently developing artificial joints and spinal implants. Along with the latest engineering capabilities, our professors and surgeons developed the implants which had undergone clinical trials at the leading Korean hospital with excellent outcomes. Based on the successful clinical trials, Corentec acquired approval from the KFDA which is one of the most highly regulated regulatory bodies in the world.

As a result of continuous interactions between our surgeons and R&D engineers, we have successfully developed our implants and instrumentations demonstrating high reliability from our customers. Corentec Co., Ltd has been well equipped with the latest streamlined technology and facility which helps to complete full product life cycle. This has been recognized by the Korean Government and the several key financial institutions to highly support our R&D projects.

The Corentec has been respected in Korea as one of the most highly valued companies and potentially a strong global leader in the future. Corentec Co., Ltd. continues to devote ourselves to serve our customers by providing, 1. Innovative and Excellent Products 2. Strong Price Competitiveness 3. International Quality Standards 4. Speed to Customers