Lumbar interbody fusion cage / posterior ISCAGE Corentec

Lumbar interbody fusion cage / posterior ISCAGE Corentec

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IS Cage is Corentec's new device for Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion. It can be implanted through the clinically proved surgical technique. It is made up of medical grade titanium alloy (TI-6AI-4V ELI in conformance with ASTM F136). The titanium body can offer the stability and the load-sharing to the spinal segments. It is provided with hollow cavity where the bone graft can be packed for osteo-integration Also it has the openings on side wall through which the bone growth can be monitored with conventional X-ray. Double step spikes are formedon bone-contact surfaces to prevent the migration of the implant after the operation. Double step spikes consist of prominent spikes in the middle and small spikes at both sides of them. The instruments are designed in consideration of these features of IS cage. They can maximize the advantage of IS cage while maintaining the benefit of the conventional PLIF technique. They are designed and manufactured for the usability, the efficiency, and the reliability as well. Features ? "Double step spikes" prevent the migration of the implant ? Hollow cavity for bone fusion ? Rounded introduction for easy insertion and manipulation ? Various lordotic angles 0°, 3°, 6* ? Wide range of implant sizes ? Efficient and reliable instrument system
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South Korea
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