Bright Instruments Ltd

Our Vision

To deliver the best possible customer service, excellent quality and the most advanced products. Bright Instruments policy is simply to be “First by Design". We want to be the automatic supplier of first choice to our customers by providing them with the best products and a personal service.


Our Profile


Bright Instruments manufacture a range of cryostats, microtomes, freezing units and accessories to pathology, histopathology, immunology, life sciences, research and industrial testing & quality control laboratories worldwide.


Located in the UK for over 75 years Bright Instruments manufactures products with the highest quality standards, and have been serving countries all over the world through a network of value added partners.


Why Us?


As a BSI accredited Company we assure that Bright Instruments is committed to providing its customers with superior quality products and has implemented rigorous quality systems and processes to ensure every product meets required standards both for customer’s satisfaction and the destination countries import and standards policy.


We encourage our clients to give us as much feedback as possible, and over the years we

have formalised a process for reviewing this valuable input to find bespoke solutions to meet a wider range of customer demands.


Business focus

Over many decades, Bright Instruments has built a brand leading reputation in the Medical Sectioning industry for our high quality products, dependable services and ability to accept new challenges and opportunities. Our continual focus is to maintain our product quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the UK and international market in which we operate.


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[email protected]
Sovereign Park, Laporte Way, Units 1-3
Luton, Bedfordshire
United Kingdom
44 (0808) 168 9697

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We are very proud to be able to now offer a full 3 year parts warranty with all our new machines. This replaces the previous 1 year cover. The first year of this cover will also include your first annual service visit at the end of the first year

Servicing (UK)

To further support our improved warranty offering, we have listened to customer feedback regarding our previous service packages and are now offering two simple annual packages which can run alongside the warranty and also as a standalone product thereafter:

Standard Annual Service Contract

Enhanced Annual Service Contract

Longer term service agreements can be offered on the purchase of a new machine on application

If you would like any further information on any of our packages, please contact us.

**NOTE : Bright Instruments will continue to be happy to visit and support your machines regardless of age. However, only machines upto 10 years of age can be covered by a service contract. Machines older than this will be seen on a non-contract basis only**

Servicing (Outside UK)

Servicing and maintenance packages outside the UK are offered by our individual partners where possible


I have used Bright Instruments cryostats for more than 15 years and compared
to other brands the Bright Instruments cryostats are the best in both performance and maintenance. Even after 15 years the parts are still available from their workshop and if they can’t find a part they’ll make one for you, bespoke service! These machines have the ability to stand the test of time. I’ve cut various tissue on them and always find beautiful section. Also the blade regrinding and resharpening service is really good, I’ve never had a problem with it. Although the system has more levers for set up compared to other models in the market the extra levers/setting provide better flexibility in orientation of tissue and the biggest plus is it maintains Temperature. I will strongly recommend Bright Instruments to anyone.

Noreen Farooqui

Bdrc Lab Manager At Ucl

I have been using Bright cryostats for the past 20 years for Mohs surgery on the south coast. They are extremely reliable and excellent for this intense, highly precise type of work Everyone I have introduced them to in the course of training has been extremely impressed with consistency, ease of use and an anti-roll plate that actually works!. The servicing is First class and usually if there are any problems they are dealt with in a friendly, helpful manner.

Pippa Shepherd

Buyer At Portsmouth Hospitals Trust

It is my personal view that performance of modern instrumentation from most suppliers these days is generally very good, BUT your company is different in that the service response, When needed, has always been first class and this sets you apart. It has always been my view that you judge a company on how they respond to the service call not just the sales call. I look forward to adding to the 20+ years of business with Bright Instruments

Rod Roper

Advanced Scientist Histapathology At Harrogate District Hospital

Bright Instruments have been a very positive company to work with over many years. We have a very old cryostat which is the favourite in the department and is still going strong! The cryostat knives I sent to be sharpened recently were done to a good standard and packaged well for return. Communication is always great, keeping us informed via email and telephone if Necessary. They deliver the expected result so are a valuable company for us at the University of Bristol to have links with.

Yvonne Kershaw

University Of Bristol

Our research group purchased a Bright cryostat over 10 years ago. The cryostat continues to enable our research team to produce high quality frozen sections in a reliable manner Servicing and replacement is performed very efficiently by their skilled and extremely helpful engineer, Martin.

Matthew Pickering

Hammersmith Hospital

My job is to look after the equipment used within the department of Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield. I have never actually used a cryostat so cannot comment from a user’s Perspective although I understand from my colleagues that Bright Instruments are well respected in this regard. I have however organised the maintenance of our cryostats since 2006 when I First set up service contracts with Bright Instruments. Since that time I have found Bright’s aftersales service to be 1st class, their engineer always prepared to go ‘the extra mile’. I have also Found the machines to be very reliable being able to count the total number of breakdowns/call-outs on one hand in well over 40 machine years.

Mr R Chandler

Electronics Workshop Manager, University