Sliding microtome 8000 Bright Instrument

Sliding microtome 8000 Bright Instrument

The 8000 retracting base sledge microtome offers the ultimate in versatility combined with strength, accuracy, reliability and, not least, safety. Designed to meet the needs of the routine histology laboratory, the 8000 will also meet the more demanding requirements of the specialised unit where its versatility and wide range of accessories will guarantee that it becomes the first choice of the professional base sledge user. The 8000 microtome is well suited to cutting a wide range of materials including bone, plastics, resins and wood as well as large area soft tissues and is the first of its kind to incorporate retraction on the return stroke. Easy to use base sledge retracting microtome complete with standard vice 60µm retraction on the return stroke prevents possible specimen damage Angled and slewable knife holder for greater versatility Accepts a range of knives and disposable blades Safety features include knife guards and low positioned operating handle Range of stages available
Sovereign Park, Laporte Way, Units 1-3
Luton, Bedfordshire
United Kingdom
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