Laboratory freezer / chest / 1-door CLINI-RF Bright Instrument

Laboratory freezer / chest / 1-door CLINI-RF Bright Instrument

The Clini-RF is a new type of freezer designed to rapidly freeze specimens for sectioning or processing. It has a rapid freezer tank which can hold object holders as well as hexane for immersion of the specimens. The Clini-RF eliminates the need to use potentially hazardous substances such as carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen. In order to save power, the compressor for the lower chamber can be manually switched off when it is not required and the Clini-RF will run in a 'standby' mode with the upper chamber still running at -40ºC. A seven day timing device is available as an optional feature to automate switching between the 'standby' and 'operational' modes. An additional optional feature is a variable temperature control for temperatures above -80ºC. Replaces liquid nitrogen freezing systems Replaces carbon dioxide freezing systems of all types Offers a distinct improvement in laboratory safety Easy to use, therefore little operator training is required Upper chamber available for storage at -40ºC Holds hexane for immersion of specimens Typical tissue cooling rate of 0.5ºC/s
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