Company Profile About Us BEACMED is one-stop manufacturer of medical devices for the urinary incontinence prevention and treatment. Since many years, we are focused on the development and manufacturing of the widest range of vaginal/anal probes for the incontinence rehabilitation, by perineal electrical stimulation and biofeedback. We also develop and manufacture electronic medical equipments aimed for perineal rehabilitation devoted to professional or personal use. Beside our core-business, which includes indeed probes and units for incontinence assessments and treatments, we develop and produce other electromedical units for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Our product lines include units for pain relief (TENS), neuromuscular stimulation (NMS), functional stimulation (FES), perineal stimulation (PES), biofeedback, interferential electrotherapy, urodynamics. Our skills covers research and development of surface electrotherapy and electrical stimulation units along with EMG sensors and biologic signal management. BEACMED may develop and produce (even with ODM agreements) any kind and “any shape” of perineal probes for the incontinence treatments, along with the most advanced electronic units either for professional care or for home care.