Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / hand-held / TENS / 2-channel IntelliSTIM® BE-28T BEACMED

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / hand-held / TENS / 2-channel IntelliSTIM® BE-28T BEACMED
IntelliSTIM® BE-28T

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The IntelliSTIM® BE-28T provides a modern analgesic electrical stimulation (T.E.N.S.) for effective therapeutic application, is easy to operate and flexible enough to treat any pain situation. The unit is robust and sturdy to longevity. The IntelliSTIM® BE-28T also features a large LCD display, easy to learn operation, nine operating programs which are editable and includes all parameters for acute and chronic pain protocols which can also be edited. The unit has three selectable wave shapes. The unit runs on two alkaline batteries 1,5 V AA (LR6) and power output is maximized at 130 mApp across 500 Ohm load pulse. The unit measures 50?S to 250?S adjustable in steps of 10?S with a pulse rate from 1Hz to 150Hz. It includes a treatment timer in increments of continuous, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min. Dimensions are 138mm x 6 8mm x 28mm Weigth : 160 g.
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