Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / perineal electro-stimulation / 1-channel BEACMED

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / perineal electro-stimulation / 1-channel BEACMED

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TOTEM-UG is a small size wearable computerized unit suitable to perform Pelvic Floor electrical Stimulation (Pelvic Floor Stimulation) and biofeedback, through vaginal or anal probes. The therapeutic aim is to improve the continence function of the patient exploiting the effectiveness of the perineal stimulation and the great contribution of biofeedback in the functional re-learning. TOTEM-UG, supplied complete with the special software, must be used with a suitable personal computer (either desk- top or lap-top) working with a Windows operating system (W-XP or W-Vista or W-7). The connection with the PC is wireless (bluetooth) so that no wire connection is required. The TOTEM- UG unit is applied to the waist of the patient by means of the belt. Other than the probes supplied in the package or as optional accessories, any kind probes on the market, either with ring shape or lateral electrodes, may be employed for electrical stimulation or EMG biofeedback, provided they have a 2mm female connection. Even for pressure biofeedback may be used any commercial balloon probe with a luer-lock female connection. Using the TOTEM-UG unit with the special Combicon vaginal probe allows performing what is unallowable by any other units: 1 - asymmetrically stimulate the two sides of pubo-coccygeal muscle, with different parameters and intensities and simultaneously acquire the contraction level through the pressure channel. 2 - Acquire simultaneously the EMG signals of the left and right branches of the pubo- coccygeal muscle and again simultaneously measure the contraction through the pressure channel.
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