Vaginal pelvic muscle rehabilitation probe PERISPHERA® - E BEACMED

Vaginal pelvic muscle rehabilitation probe PERISPHERA® - E BEACMED

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Vaginal probe with 2 electrodes for perineal ?re-education, through EMG biofeedback and electrostimulation. With two egg-shaped electrodes and predominant insulation on the top, it is intended for the global stimulation or the EMG biofeedback of the pelvic floor excluding the upper wall adjacent to the bladder. In the treatment of patients with asymmetric perineal muscles following episiotomy or lacerations the PERISPHERA®-E probe allows selective treatment. By rotating the probe 90 degrees to the left or to the right, you can apply a one-sided and independent treatment to each of the two branches of the pubococcygeal and puborectalis. PERISPHERA®-E is a vaginal probe for professional use, suitable to treat the patient in lying position; it can be used directly by the patient on the advice of professional rehabilitation therapist. The PERISPHERA® perineal probes are made entirely of biocompatible plastic material, with gold plated metalized electrodes. The electrical connection with the stimulation or the EMG-biofeedback unit is obtained by two or four wires (about 20 cm in length) with a 2mm female banana ending. The probe can be used with any equipment supplying symmetric biphasic pulses, zero average value (galvanic-free). Each probe is supplied unsterilized in a single sealed bag, placed in individual box containing the package leaflet with instructions for use.
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