Applied Biosystems (NYSE: PEB), a PE Corporation business, announced today that the Argentine Ministry of Health has approved the sale of the ViroSeq™ HIV-1 Genotyping System Version 2 for diagnostic purposes. It is the first HIV-1 genotyping system to receive such approval in Argentina. This authorization grants to BioSystems SA—Applied Biosystems distributor in Argentina—the right to market the ViroSeq system to reference laboratories for the management of HIV-1 therapies. Argentina is the first country to authorize the system for clinical use; similar approval by other South American countries is expected soon.

The Ministry of Health granted its approval after subjecting the ViroSeq system to rigorous validation tests, conducted by Drs. Jorge Benetucci and Juan Carlos Garberi at the Foundation for the Study of Immunodefíciency. The Foundation is an affiliate of Hospital General de Infecciosos F. J. Muñiz, a reference hospital in Argentina dedicated to infectious diseases. Clinicians there will use the ViroSeq system to conduct in vitro studies of the HIV-1 virus.