Warming mattress / infant THERMOCARE Convenience Weyer

Warming mattress / infant THERMOCARE Convenience Weyer
THERMOCARE Convenience

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Newborn infants require a warm and cosy environment, especially so preterm babies who have an extended and urgent need of devotion, warmth and shelter. The examination and treatment areas should therefore be equipped in such a way that these small patients feel as comfortable as possible. The baby warmer from our successful model series THERMOCARE greatly helps to achieve that aim. The compact design allows placement on any suitable table top and so easy integration into baby changing areas without fuss or major installation. Combined with a radiant warmer of the model series CERAMOTHERM, integral workstations will provide ambient conditions equivalent to a mobile resuscitation unit. The comfortable conductive under-pad heating warms up even hypothermic infants quickly and efficiently. The temperature is selected in increments of 0.1°C, whilst displayed and monitored electronically. Alarms will alert in the case of high or low temperature, system faults or power failure. A separate safety circuit will cut off the heating in the case of fault.
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