Infant phototherapy lamp BILICOMPACT® Weyer

Infant phototherapy lamp BILICOMPACT® Weyer

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For treatment of the neonatal hyperbilirubinemia the phototherapy device BILI-COMPACT delivers the high-effective "Blue-BAM spectrum by 10 energy saving bulbs. By the high utilization of intensity the treatment times are shortened considerably The device operates in complete silence and practically no heat is emitted in the direction of the patient. Therefore it can just be placed on the canopy of warming bed THERMOCARE K, order No. WY2030 or of incubators THERMOCARE Vita order No. WY2401 and WY2402. It is also possible to place it on incubators of other brands with suitable canopy (up to 5° slant, load approx. 5 kg), without influencing the temperature control For infant care systems with radiant warmer and without canopy the phototherapy device BILI-COMPACT is used with a height-adjustable stand which is mobile on four antistatic castors, two of them can be kick-stopped. The flexible swivel head allows to precisely direct the Blue-BAM radiation to the patient. So it can be brought very close to the patient and the usual radiation stray is minimized.
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