Infant warmer CERAMOTHERM® 1000 Weyer

Infant warmer CERAMOTHERM® 1000 Weyer

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In certain situations many patients need support to maintain their body temperature. This applies equally to babies during nappy changing, infants under longer examination as well as to adult theatre preparation and recovery patients. All these patients require an efficient heating source which on the other hand excludes any harm. Efficient warming Radiant warmers CERAMOTHERM 1000 keep the patient warm efficiently and securely. They generate infra-red radiation which is absorbed by the patient's skin and converted into body heat. The radiation spectrum is in the far, invisible and well tolerated infra-red B range. Even distribution of heat Long-life ceramic heating elements create a steady and cosy warming at a low power consumption. They do not scale and are resistant to liquid splashes. Integrated illumination, dazzle-free Two fluorescent lamps illuminate the patient area evenly. The natural light spectrum guarantees an excellent visual assessment of the patient. In order to avoid that patient or user are dazzled by the light we very consciously refrained from using focussed halogen or LED light.
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