Valve annuloplasty ring / mitral Sovering Sorin

Valve annuloplasty ring / mitral Sovering Sorin

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Sovering Mitral Ring and Band is extensively used in myxomatous degeneration and degenerative mitral valve regurgitation. The Sovering Miniband serves in tricuspid regurgitation - SMN50 (50 mm) and degenerative and functional mitral regurgitation - SMN40 (40 mm). The carbon coating minimizes fibrous overgrowth and helps to enhance bio and haemo-compatibility. The one piece construction ensures compactness and prevents displacement between the silicone core and the outer fabricduring suturing. Radiographic visualisation is enabled through silicone core impregnated with Barium sulfate. The white markers are eases suture placement and seating of the device onto the posterior mitral annulus. The setup is pre-mounted on a holder.
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