USB spirometer / computer-based Micro 5000 Blue Spiro Medisoft Group

USB spirometer / computer-based Micro 5000 Blue Spiro Medisoft Group
Micro 5000 Blue Spiro

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The Micro 5000 version Blue Spiro, a new approach to routine spirometry, spotlights the Lilly Pneumotachograph proven by Medisoft with Bluetooth technology. The Micro 5000 version Blue Spiro is definitively the 21st century’s spirometer. Lilly pneumotachograph is the reference flowmeter which ensures total linearity and reproducibility of measurement even at very low flow. These spirometers use standard Bluetooth technology to provide a wireless connection spirometer that is fully flexible for measurements at the bedside or in the doctors office, with a typical “line of sight” range of 10 meters. The Micro 5000 version Blue Spiro can complete the P.F.T. lab by integrating the results of measurements in the general database. The rechargeable version charges via a unique docking station that turns off the Bluetooth aerial whilst in the holder, preventing misuse and extending the battery use. The docking station in turn takes its power from the USB port of a standard computer. The dry cell version calls on the vigilance of the user to turn off the handset when not making measurements to avoid power drain by continuous Bluetooth scanning for connections. Both devices are easily transported in the same carry case as a small portable computer or in a trolley bag with filters and other accessories.
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