Body plethysmograph BodyBox 5500 Medisoft Group

Body plethysmograph BodyBox 5500 Medisoft Group
BodyBox 5500

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BodyBox 5500 is the perfect unit for: Pulmonary function analysis with both children and adults Ventilatory mechanics Bronchodilatation studies and Hypersensitivity research (challenge tests) The cabin design is available as barometric or mixed mode (barometric and volumetric) with three sizes of cabin (The Standard - The Paediatric - The Super size). The Paediatric is addressed to the junior subjects in the age range of 4 – 10 years old Additionally the wheelchair access cabin has a twin door mode and a ramp to allow the subject to be tested in a wheelchair; the second door offering the facilities for the Physiologist to adjust and set the subject valve and prepare the subject; the extension to the front allowing the freedom of the lower body to be accommodated.
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