Tabletop spirometer / USB Micro 5000 Medisoft Group

Tabletop spirometer / USB Micro 5000 Medisoft Group
Micro 5000

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Medisoft offers you the most comprehensive range of spirometers suitable for clinical, pre-screening, outpatients and beside measurement, through to full pharmacology and epidemiology studies. The Micro 5000 series is the worthy representative. The larger relative to the Micro 6000, this main driven spirometer has the ability to increase its capabilities with the addition of options, these then transform the basic spirometer into a versatile test station, typical examples are: Basic Respiratory Muscle testing – MIP, MEP and SNIP Provocation Station with dosimeter - Add the Provo option Resistance without the need of a Body Plethysmograph: By Interruption – Add Rint option The tidal breathing method to obtaining full inspiratory and expiratory resistance. By Oscillation - Add Rosc option A method to check frequency dependent and independent resistance by looking at the phase angle and the resistance at different frequencies when can be described in terms of reactance. Compliance - using oesophageal catheters. Lilly Pneumotachograph, the reference method, ensures a total linearity and reproducibility over the full flow range.
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