Tabletop spirometer / USB SpiroAir Lt Medisoft Group

Tabletop spirometer / USB SpiroAir Lt Medisoft Group
SpiroAir Lt

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SpiroAir Lt, the dry rolling seal spirometer made by Medisoft is the gold standard for volume determination. The rigidly engineered spirometer with an accurate bore and stroke maintained with a linear seal offers the most accurate respiratory measurements, unaffected by the viscosity and composition temperature of the gas to be measured. This characteristic makes it suitable for a wide range of applications; Pharmaceutical trials Quality control assurance Outpatients Spirometry Epidemiology Studies Research Routine Lung Function The advantage of « True » Spirometry by this method is it is unaffected by the content of the gas to be measured, requiring no computerised correction to values and « absolute » scale. The materials used ensure excellent temperature stability under all conditions.
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