Ultrasonic dental scaler / handpiece SC-A2, SC-A3 STERN WEBER

Ultrasonic dental scaler / handpiece SC-A2, SC-A3 STERN WEBER
SC-A2, SC-A3

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Effective and safe, SC ultrasound scalers are designed to ensure the protection of soft tissue. Consequently, they are highly suitable for supragingival prophylaxis and more invasive periodontal treatment and can be used in root canal endodontic techniques. Effective and safe Effective and safe The SC-A2 and SC-A3 are controlled by advanced electronics that regulate vibration amplitude via a power adjustment feedback signal. Depending on the resistance encountered on the surface to be treated, power delivery is self-regulated and prevents heating of handpiece and irrigation liquids. A sinusoidal wave pattern ensures low thermal dissipation and outstanding working efficiency of the handpiece. In endodontic mode, if the selected file is on the database, the software connected to the Full Touch display on the S320TR, S300 and S280TRC automatically sets torque/speed values; alternatively, these values can be set by the dentist. Cleaning and hygiene Scalers allow perfect hygiene. Easily disassembled for cleaning or minor maintenance purposes; they can be sterilised in autoclave. Ergonomics and comfort Optimal instrument size and a weight below 55 grams make SC scalers relaxing to use even for prolonged periods: the grip is always comfortable and balanced. The SC-A3 model features a ring of LEDs, with a guided light beam to optimise illumination of the tip.