Dental radiography flat panel detector Zen-X STERN WEBER

Dental radiography flat panel detector Zen-X STERN WEBER

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When the Zen-X sensor is not in use, it is placed on dentist's module. It finishes integration of digital X-ray mechanism on dental unit. High-resolution images are attributed to the CMOS receptor of the device, which is covered by a layer of optic fiber. The product comes in two different sizes. The sensor is designed using the MyRay technology and is quite powerful having rounded edges. This sensor could be comfortably placed inside the patient's mouth. Reliable protection of sensor and improvement in device solidity are attributable to a lining seal and reinforced lead connector. The overall size could be decreased by the lead at the back of the sensor. Shielding the sensor from direct penetration of X-ray, a layer of optic fibers ensures a greater lifespan of image quality. It features easy transfer and installation on other sensor-ready units, and is easily sanitized and detached.