Laboratory water purifier / electrodeionization W.H.E. STERN WEBER

Laboratory water purifier / electrodeionization W.H.E. STERN WEBER

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Water inlet air gap device with continuous disinfection system The Water Hygienization Equipment (W.H.E.) is a continuous hygiene system with air gap separation from mains water as per EN 1717 standards. The WHE system is DVGW-certified. It also features includes a mixing tank for titration (0.06%) of water with H2O2 to provide a secure bacteriostatic effect in the unit water circuits. Continuous disinfection The device ensures an air gap of 20 mm between the mains water circuit and dental unit ducts in compliance with the most recent standards on the prevention of backflow contamination of water supplies. Thanks to utilisation of Peroxy Ag+, a hydrogen peroxide and silver ion-based disinfectant, the continuous disinfection system guarantees the microbiological quality of the water in the water circuits. Compliant with European standards, the system is also DVGW-certified. At the concentration recommended by Stern Weber, Peroxy Ag+is effective against all species of water-borne contaminant, including bacteria such as Legionella, against which 10 minutes’ contact will suffice. A small flap on the upper side of the S300 dental unit allows the user to refill the hydrogen peroxide tank. Optional on all dental units.
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