Digital video camera / intra-oral C-U2 STERN WEBER

Digital video camera / intra-oral C-U2 STERN WEBER

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C-U2 is an intramural camera, which operates with MyRay technology. The patient is able to communicate in all the stages of the treatment through image with the help of the device. It is a user-friendly device. The micro processor provided with the product is stored inside the handpiece by which the parameters are adjusted to provide ultimate imaging. The camera provided with the product is completely automatic and offers clear and explanatory images without any adjustments that are done manually. The handpiece is provided with solid grip of steel and the freeze frame function. With a firm press on the handpiece, the product functions with the Progressive Scan Technology perfectly and without vibration. The rear and distal zones can be accessed comfortably by the dentist, which is provided by the lens unit that is partially retroflexed. When the video is captured by the product, the micro-lenses and the 12 light sources ensures the outstanding illumination of the oral cavity.