Transport medical ambulance / box EMS Mobil Sistemler

Transport medical ambulance / box EMS Mobil Sistemler
EMS Mobil Sistemler

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Specially designed ambulance for multiple injured and patient transport operations Totally six patients transportable as four patients in laying position and additional two patients in sitting position Designed for only one staff loading of four patients by means of automatically moving mechanisms when required Two sets of medical devices mounting chambers exist inside the ambulance Beds and swivel seats designed for both patient treatment of sitting staff and two patients transportation. Moving mechanisms are arbitrarily operable by users, whereas maximum precautions considered for patients Mounting systems convenient for settling four patients together into vehicle Air conditioning and additional air curtain at rear door Washable floor coating Lightbar, side warning lights, siren announce system, lighting projectors LED type double-mode fluorescent lights and spotlights Reflective inscriptions, stripes and logos as per customer request
  • Applications:transport
  • Configuration:box
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