Mobile dental clinic EMS Mobil Sistemler

Mobile dental clinic EMS Mobil Sistemler
EMS Mobil Sistemler

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Mobile healthcare vehicle equipped with devices and materials serving in conditions and quality of dental polyclinics for disabled (handicapped) patients Features Lightbars at vehicle roof and warning lights at both sides Projectors for rear area lighting Rectifier and high capacity invertor. 6 KW generator (having the capacity of operating all of the electrical systems). Hot-Cold Air Conditioner (220 V) Air curtain system over the side sliding door Vehicle type refrigerator (12 V DC) Electrical lift for disabled (handicapped) persons. Fresh and waste water containers (stainless steel) Dental Unit (Patient Seat, Curing Unit, Reflector, Accessory Tray, Assistant Module, Infection Control System etc.) Amalgamator, Gleaming Device, Endosonic, Cavitron, Air Micromotor, Push Button Air Tribune etc. Computerized Digital Dental Radiography Autoclave Apex locator Compressor Portable Oxygen Unit
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