Emergency medical ambulance / 4x4 EMS Mobil Sistemler

Emergency medical ambulance / 4x4 EMS Mobil Sistemler
EMS Mobil Sistemler

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Ambulance type enabling high mobility on intense snowy by its 4x4 transmission system Availability of using with either tracks or tires, rapidly replacement feature LED lightbars at vehicle roof Siren, controllable by the driver, with multi-mode functions Antibacterial, washable, non-slip foor coating Noise and heat isolation with support metal sheets Electrical command panel, safety circuit breaker Inverter, rectifier and second battery system Diesel type independent heater ABS covering having internal lighting system, I.V. holders and handles at ceiling Stretcher loading ramp enabling to load stretcher by one person Drawers, oxygen chamber, shelves made of foamboard material Refective inscriptions, stripes and logos as per customer request
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