Mobile clinic bus EMS Mobil Sistemler

Mobile clinic bus EMS Mobil Sistemler
EMS Mobil Sistemler

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Floor, ceiling, side panel coverings and cupboards manufactured by special materials convenient for vehicle modification Medical devices and equipments designed and fixed according to their usage purposes Seats for 5 staff including the driver. This compartment also has a desk for data of patients and a TV set. Examination room includes refrigerator, cupboard, examination coach for gynecological purposes, defibrillator, ECG, monitoring instruments, roof lamp for surgical operations Medical observation room is located in the rear of the vehicle for three patients, including a special bed for Xray operation. Xray equipment, washbasin, shower cabin, WC are located in the middle of the vehicle. Clean water from water tank transmitted efficiently towards WC, washbasin and shower through the centrifugal pump. Waste water is transmitted and collected in waste watertank Vehicle is equipped with 15 KW generator, UPS and illumination lamps operated with external mains power and can give 220 V outside
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