Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cementless Versafitcup DM Medacta

Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cementless Versafitcup DM Medacta
Versafitcup DM

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CONCEPT The Versafitcup Double Mobility is based on the original Dual Mobility design developed by Prof. Bousquet and the Medical School of St. Etienne, France, back in 1976. With more than 30 years of successful clinical history this concept is widely used in Europe and in particular in France, where it represents about 25% of the primary hip cup market. With the introduction of the Highcross Double Mobility liner, the Versafitcup can be considered a valid alternative to hard/hard big head articulation. While reducing drastically the wear rate, the supplementary advantages are to avoid the risk of liner fractures and squeaking observed with Ceramic-on-Ceramic bearings and to avoid the risk of metal ions release observed with Metal-on-Metal. WHY CHOOSE A DOUBLE MOBILITY CUP? Better than standard fixed liner cups: Low wear rate thanks to the Dual Mobility and Third Articulation. Low dislocation rate thanks to increased head diameter. Increased Range of Motion (ROM) thanks to increased head/neck ratio.
  • Fixture type:cementless
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