Optical surgical navigation system / for knee prosthesis positioning iMNS Medacta

Optical surgical navigation system / for knee prosthesis positioning iMNS Medacta

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iMNS MEDACTA NAVIGATION SYSTEM: WE MADE IT SIMPLE The development in knee joint replacement, producing improved clinical outcomes expectation, demands increasing accuracy in implant positioning. Computer Assisted Surgery dramatically improves precision in restoring the correct alignment of lower limb. The postoperative mechanical axis was within 3° of neutral mechanical alignment in 95% of the navigated cases vs 84% of the conventional cases [] and the undesired outliers decreased. Accuracy was improved with navigation.[2] To answer to this need Medacta has developed the iMNS - Medacta Navigation System. Designed to provide precision and ease of use, iMNS gives surgeons the benefits of navigation and provides them with flexibility, accuracy and reliability. Medacta iMNS Navigation System is designed to put in surgeons hands state-of-the-art technology in total knee replacement and to flawlessly integrate in their daily surgical activity. Developed in collaboration with experienced surgeons, iMNS is the easiest to use navigation system on the market, providing a natural and immediate answer to the real surgical needs thanks to the innovative multilayer approach: Simple and user friendly step-by-step navigation process Straightforward and time saving data input Fully customizable user-specific workflow Full integration with conventional instruments Focus on specific patient needs. The iMNS software adapts to the surgeons needs and not vice versa!
  • Surgical navigation type:for knee prosthesis positioning
  • Acquisition type:optical
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