Thoraco-lumbar interbody fusion cage / anterior Medacta

Thoraco-lumbar interbody fusion cage / anterior Medacta

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The MectaLIF Anterior Stand-Alone device is an interbody fusion device which can be used in combination with three or four titanium bone screws depending on which of the four different titanium plate designs are used. The design incorporates the benefits of an anterior plate and a radiolucent interbody spacer. The four plate designs that can be used are designed to accomodate specific anatomic requirements. The system is completely modular. It offers a cage with 2 different footprints, and 5 heights, to which the surgeon can connect any of the four profile plates that is required for the specific pathology the surgeon wants to treat. The cage is offered in PEEK as well as TiPEEK material and has 3 optional lordosis angles in 5°, 10° and 15°.
  • Surgical approach:anterior
Strada Regina,
Castel San Pietro
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