Bone cement MectaCem Medacta

Bone cement MectaCem Medacta

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A MORE MODERN CEMENT The current composition of the different versions of Mecta-Cem have taken into account the long acquired experience of other major cements available. In order to achieve a higher quality product the major current cements were carefully analysed and tested to determine both the strong and weak points of each, the strong points being included in the development of the different Mecta-Cem while eradicating the less favourable aspects. SIMPLE TO USE RAPID MIXING Mecta-Cem powder/liquid ratio has been greatly improved on, therefore only 30 seconds are required for the initial mixing phase in order to obtain a homogeneous dough free of any entrapped air bubbles. Mecta-Cem can either be mixed by pouring the total liquid as when using vacuum mixing devices. FRIENDLY TO USE High precision dosage of each component during manufacturing ensures that each box of Mecta-Cem will react in exactly the same manner thereby avoiding the regular drawback with existing cements of not having exactly the same reaction time from one dose to another. The very low viscosity of our Mecta-Cem 3 and Genta Mecta-Cem 3 make syringe filling much easier. Mecta-Cem also stick less to surgical gloves. REDUCED POLYMERISATION TIME The high degree of purity of Mecta-Cem components and the micro precision dosage reduce standard setting time by one minute. This directly reduces the time surgeons spend waiting.
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