Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cementless CAPTIV SCW EVOLUTIS

Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cementless CAPTIV SCW EVOLUTIS

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Polyethylene or ceramic friction acetabular Threaded Cup The CAPTIV SCW acetabular cup is an equatorial threaded cup meant to be directly screwed in into the acetabulum. The elliptic geometry of the shell is completed by a self-tapping equatorial thread. The cup is coated with 150microns of hydroxyapatite to ensure a biological secondary osteo-integration. The primary fixation is achieved by direct screwing of the shell into the pre-reamed acétabulum. The equatorial thread insures a very strong immediate stability, while guaranteeing an intimate contact between the dome of the cup and the bottom of the acetabulum. The apex hole is obturable with a threaded plug coated with HAP, which will limit the migration of wear particles in the acetabulum. In case of necessity of removing the threaded cup, the cup can simply be removed by means of the instrumentation: the screwing handle allows to apply a very high torque.
  • Fixture type:cementless
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