Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cemented MOBILIS EVOLUTIS

Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cemented MOBILIS EVOLUTIS

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The Cemented Dual Mobility cup has a mobile insert which augments articular stability in different types of indication. The cup specifications are as follows: ? The cup is made of stainless steel with a mirror polish finish on the inside and a brush polish finish on the outside. ? Reaming is size for size with the cup. ? The cup has built in spacers which ensure a cement mantle in keeping with Charnley principles. The equatorial rim has flange with 3 notches to ensure centring of the cup in the acetabulum, and pressurisation of the cement. Optimum cementation is therefore guaranteed. ? The mobile insert is retentive, allows motion of the head but avoids dislocation. ? Inserts are availables for Ø22,2 mm and Ø28 mm head diameters. ? The shells range from Ø45 to Ø61mm (the Ø45 only accepts a Ø22,2 mm insert)
  • Fixture type:cemented
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