Not absorbable orthopedic pin J.P. METAIZEAU EVOLUTIS

Not absorbable orthopedic pin J.P. METAIZEAU EVOLUTIS

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Metaizeau nail for ESIN technique Invented in 1976 by J.P. METAIZEAU, M.D., the Eastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing is indicated for the treatment of long bones fractures of the lower limb at the child or the small adult, and of the upper limb for every patient. J.D. METAIZEAU, M.D., based on the accumulated 36 years experience, wishing the nail to evolve towards improved rigidity and stability of the reduction -while improving its ease of use- has designed a new nail incorporating a flattened face on all the length of the nail. Small ideas result in great solutions The spatulate Metaizeau II nail is of cylindrical shape with a flat face on all the length of the nail. It presents a curved tip with a sharp edge in the convexity arch allowing a better penetration of the cancellous bone of the metaphysis . Prior to introducing the nail, it must be manually curved on all its length, maintaining the flat face in the concavity. Key-Points - Use of nails of larger diameter for one same intramedullar space - Increased stability of the osteosynthesis in all the plans - Reduced nail bending mistakes - Lower exposition to X beam, position of the nail known at any time - Excellent blocking on the quick chuck T-handle, progression and direction of nail made more easy (shortened theater occupancy) - Documented surgical technique, usual procedure, no need for specific instruments - High Cost to Efficiency ratio
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